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Print Competition is by far, the most intense photographic education you can get. Through this process, you will learn to see and view your work in a more objective way, all the while developing a more refined skill set which carries over into your everyday work. We welcome everyone to participate in print competition. Newcomer or seasoned veteran, we all have something to offer...and something to learn.

Print competition through our State Affiliate, MOPPA, is based on the 12 Elements of a Merit Image, as established by the Professional Photographers of America. .

While PPA merits are NOT awarded until IPC, MOPPA does offer it's own print competition awards to be given in two Divisions: MOPPA and Develop. MOPPA Awards are exclusively awarded to members, while Develop awards are given to non-members. Missouri members are ineligible for this later award.

Fellowship Points are also awarded based of the above mentioned awards and honors. You can read more about those here MOPPA Fellowship

Below you will see a slide show of our 2017 Print Comp Entries. We have it on a year delay due to the fact that the makers typically take current images onto further competition later in the year and next and keeping them from being seen helps keep the impact of the images for the judges.

Enter Print Competition Below

Print Competition Entries will be available closer to our 2019 state conference. Get those entries in so you can grow your craft. You can update your membership with our print competition host site below.

We are working with again this year!! You can enter directly on their website...easy peasy.

Rules and Stuff

Please read the rules carefully. You may enter up to 6 images. Your top 4 scores will comprise your case. Follow upload guidelines on print website. Deadline is 5 pm the day before competition. 

Print Competition Rules.pdf

All image makers have provided a release for publication on this site.

Missouri Professional Photographers Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.


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