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Chad DiBlasio

Building a Marketable Brand: Selling More than Just Good Photography (Lecture)

Building a brand and a "recognizable style" involves a deeper process than simply learning how to take technically superior photos. In this class we will dive headlong into the ideas that make up how we present our business to our audiences thru social media, thru our client experience and thru products and packaging so that the way that people "interact" with our brand is consistent across the board. We will touch on the specifics of how we bring clients INTO our business, how we keep them coming back, and how we increase their average spend by allowing them to value what we offer thru their entire process. Maintaining a successful career as a photographer can be daunting, so let me give you a few ways to make your job more of a career, and less of a constant hunt for the next client.



Chad's Bio:

Chad is a dreamer, an artist who is located in Central Ohio, but loves to travel often pursuing his art and education. He strives to deliver a client experience that is second to none by allowing his clients to capture and enjoy the relationships and people they love the most thru permanent heirlooms and wall art. He is a husband and a dad who can generally be found spending time reading, building things or finding ways to re-purpose old treasures into new and modern jewels. His easy going personality is his key to taking relaxed and natural portraits that truly reflect his clients and their lives.

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